8th grade








Here are our magazine mosaics.  Each student picked a principle of design as a theme.  They were able to choose contrast, movement, pattern, emphasis, balance, or rhythm as their theme. 

So proud of my students this year.  Here are some examples of our work as we wrap up the year.  Jim Dine inspired tool drawings.

Inspired by Hyper Realist artist, Paul Cadden, we took our own shot at some realistic pencil drawings.  These were all completed only using a mechanical pencil.

Here are some of our recent duct tape figures.  We studied Alberto Giacometti, but decided to make our sculptures more proportional and in action poses.

Some amazing stencils this year.  My students really seemed to get this once we were into it.

Some amazing stencils this year.  My students really seemed to get this once we were into it.

Behold, the bobble heads of 2012.

British Artist, Ben Wilson paints on chewing gum he finds on the street so why can't we?
Here are some shots of a cool 1-2 day mini painting project we worked on recently.

Our recent Roy Lichtenstein paintings.  By now, you can see we really have a solid grasp on how to use a grid to draw. 

Here are some amazing Doodle face drawings.  We take a distorted photo in order to relieve the pressure of making your drawing perfect.  

9-26-12, Some more samples of our punched square mosaics.  Really cool ideas from these kids.

Our Sells drawings from May of 2012!

Here are our most recent paper robot creations.  Each one is made with just construction paper, glue, and creativity.

While studying a few artists, Florentijn Hofman and Patricia Waller, we made some crazy stuffed animals.  Each one has a 1 page biography page with it.  Really cool, fun, and a bit twisted!

Our recent famous artwork pop-ups.

Here are some examples of our clay mugs.  I really tried to encourage them to make an object and then turn it into a mug instead of simply decorating a cylinder.  On the last day of the clay building part, Elvis was starting to appear on a rolling pin!

Here are some examples of our tape-casting project.  For some reason the groups that did 1/2 a body had much more interesting photos.

Some more Giacometti inspired human figures with correct proportion and action poses.

Here are some of the best stencils from my students.  Gotta love the Darth Vader and the Super man logo.  Really well done!

Here are our Andy Goldsworthy like photos!!

Here are some really great Roy Lichtenstein paintings we did.  Each one is about 18"x24" and we used a grid to help draw from a small comic.

Here are the latest bobble heads from my 8th graders.  Cool stuff!


Here are the most recent doodle faces.  Pretty cool stuff and lots of fun!

Here are the rest of my favorites from my current 8th grade students.  Sweet stuff.

Here are some of our paper toy robots.  See if you can guess each robot's job.

Here are some sweet Bobble heads we just finished!  See if you can find Sarah Palin.

If you've seen the movie Elf, then you've seen what Forced Perspective is.  Here are some photographs using the same technique.  This was a lot of fun for us. 

For 5 days, we painted a blurry and upside down painting.  Each day it was less blurry and the last day I flipped it over.  Here are some of the finished paintings!

Here are some funky head drawings.

Our most recent pop ups based on famous artworks.

Here are some of the top Ugly-dolls!  Crazy stuff!!

Here are some of our recent tape-casts!  

Here are our clay objects that we turned into mugs.  See if you can guess which one is mine.

Here are some of the cleanest prints from my 8th graders.  Shepard Fairy would be proud.

Here's some sweet Toast Art from 1st period!

Plaster figures inspired by Alberto Giacometti.

Here are some great Artworks from my 8th graders.  These are each 18"x 24" big.

Here are some really great examples from our mosaic project.  Each student had to represent one of the 7 principles of design.  Contrast, Movement, Pattern, Emphasis, Balance, Rhythm, and Unity.