7th grade

Some fake clay objects made by my 7th graders.  Love the pizza!

Here are some pencil drawings we did.  We learned about value as we tried to match our photos square by square with pencils and mechanical pencils.  Slick stuff.

From a box of old computer parts to robots.  I think everybody enjoyed making a robot!

Here are our latest pop can drawings.  We were focusing on blending our colored pencils by hatching, cross-hatching, scouring, and burnishing.

Here are our recent drawings to study value.  I let them choose color if they wanted but they had to stick to one color.  Each drawing should have at least 5 different tones from light to dark.

Here are some Animal Eyes done in color pencil using a 1/2" grid.  Pretty cool stuff this time since we went away from drawing a face.  

2nd trimester can drawings.  I should've photographed them before lamination.  You learn something new everyday.

Here are some of our Robots we made out of old electronics.  For some reason I've been real into robots for like the past year.  

Here are some shots of the process of creating our toast art.  Enjoy!!

These are the grid drawings from my winter trimester of students!  Great job to all!!

Here are our recent clay containers!!

Here are some of the top examples of our colored pencil can drawings.  These kids did an AMAZING job!

Here are some of the piñatas we just finished.  Great job 7th grade!

Each Drywall Carving tells a story from a students' life.  These are inspired by Elijah Pierce, a Columbus  artist who carved stories into wood blocks.  

Here are some awesome self portraits from our value project.  Pretty sweet stuff!!