6th grade

Here are some clay sandwiches from my 3rd trimester 6th graders.  Great job all!!

Here are some more clay sandwiches from my 2nd trimester of 6th graders!

Here are our recent Clay Sandwiches.

These are some of the top candy wrapper re-designs.  New colors!

Here are some warm and cool landscape paintings my current 6th graders just finished.  They did a great job!

Some more delicious clay sandwich containers.

Here are the Candy Wrappers from my 3rd Trimester kids.

Our recent Abstract musical instruments.

Here are some of our Candy Wrapper re-designs.  We studied analogous, complimentary, and primary coloring styles.  

Here are some comics from my 2nd trimester students.  This class is very rare in the fact that they take their time on their artwork.

Here are some samples from our "Fundred Dollar Bill" design project.  They had to re-design a bill that contained a portrait and all the colors. 

Amazing clay sandwiches! Each one is hollowed out so you can take the top bun off and hide sweet stuff inside of it!

Check out some panels from the comic strip project. 

Here are a few examples from our maze project.  We were studying how line can control where your eyes look and how it can create movement.

Here are some sweet examples of characters for our current comic strip project.